Stage2 Report El Off Road, China

Hi all STAGE 2 report for 2017 IFMAR 1/10 electric off road worlds is here for download . please go the official worlds web site or click the link : http://www.xm2017worlds.com/sanquan/English/infoview.php   Max Lim  

Stage 2 report WC Large Scale and GT World Cup

We now have a proper report. Regards Trevor Reid SGF_WC Stage_Report2.Argentina (1)

Link to the 2017 IFMAR Electric Off Road Worlds

Link to the 2017 IFMAR Electric Off Road Worlds: http://www.xm2017worlds.com/sanquan/English/index.php?id=10   Dallas Mathiesen

IFMAR Updates!

IFMAR Updates! ● 1/8 IC Track Rules: http://ifmar.org/pdf/rules/ifmar_wc_8th_track_2017.pdf ● Mufflers 1/8 TR & OR: http://ifmar.org/…/muf…/IFMAR%20mufflerlist%208th%202017.pdf ● Bodylist 1/8 IC Track: http://ifmar.org/pdf/bodies/IFMAR2017bodylist%208thscale.pdf ● Bodylist Large Scale: http://ifmar.org/…/bodies/IFMAR2017bodylist%20largescale.pdf   Dallas Mathiesen  

IFMAR World Championship Winners


Some important changes

The IFMAR general meeting in Las Vegas ( WC 1/8 IC offroad) brings some important changes: 1/10th. Off-Road cars will be driven by 2S LiPo/LiFe batteries with a maxi nominal voltage of 7.6v (LiFe 6,6v) 1/10th. Touring Cars will be […]

More 1/12th

more 1/12th: For SPEC (13.5) and F1 classes Blinky mode – Electronic speed controllers must be run in zero timing (Blinky) mode Zero timing mode is defined as a speed controller program where the commutation sequence is limited to a […]

Formula one in the making

Formula one in the making: Car: Maximum width: 190mm Minimum weight = 1050 grams including personal transponder Minimum ride height = 4mm – Front independent king pin, coil spring suspension is allowed. Suspension pick up points must be mounted inside […]

Drivers-list-for-2016-wc Las-vegas

IFMAR World Championships 1/8 IC Off Road Drivers-list drivers-list-for-2016-wc_las-vegas-1



2016 FEMCA GT ASIA OPEN   Femca Asia GT Open, is open not only to Racers in Asia, Racers from others part of the World are welcome too. All details will be posted in our new website, at the mean […]