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Link to the 2017 IFMAR Electric Off Road Worlds

Link to the 2017 IFMAR Electric Off Road Worlds: http://www.xm2017worlds.com/sanquan/English/index.php?id=10   Dallas Mathiesen

IFMAR Updates!

IFMAR Updates! ● 1/8 IC Track Rules: http://ifmar.org/pdf/rules/ifmar_wc_8th_track_2017.pdf ● Mufflers 1/8 TR & OR: http://ifmar.org/…/muf…/IFMAR%20mufflerlist%208th%202017.pdf ● Bodylist 1/8 IC Track: http://ifmar.org/pdf/bodies/IFMAR2017bodylist%208thscale.pdf ● Bodylist Large Scale: http://ifmar.org/…/bodies/IFMAR2017bodylist%20largescale.pdf   Dallas Mathiesen  


Dear All please find attached XL entry form for 2017 Please Rename the XL Sheet for with your Country i.e. (Japan IFMAR Entry 2017) Initial request will close the first of May (May 1 2017) by that date we need […]

IFMAR Dates 2017

Dear All Below are the dates for the 2017 IFMAR events, IC 8th Group C France 8 ~ 17 September  EP 10th Buggy China Xiamen 11 ~ 18 November  (See NOTE below) IC Large Scale Touring Argentina Buenos Aries 25 […]

Thanks for 2016

Dear All We just wanted to say thank you to everybody who helped us and were part of the journey for FEMCA in 2016.  In addition to coordinating entries for IFMAR events, FEMCA’s role is to seek out and work […]

1/8th IFMAR Circuit World Championships to held in FRANCE

1/8th IFMAR Circuit World Championships to held in FRANCE

Dear all Please find the initial information for the 1/8th IFMAR Circuit World Championships to held in FRANCE Please check here for updates.  For all IFMAR events we will require the first response for entries by the 1st of April. […]

IFMAR World Championship Winners


Some important changes

The IFMAR general meeting in Las Vegas ( WC 1/8 IC offroad) brings some important changes: 1/10th. Off-Road cars will be driven by 2S LiPo/LiFe batteries with a maxi nominal voltage of 7.6v (LiFe 6,6v) 1/10th. Touring Cars will be […]

More 1/12th

more 1/12th: For SPEC (13.5) and F1 classes Blinky mode – Electronic speed controllers must be run in zero timing (Blinky) mode Zero timing mode is defined as a speed controller program where the commutation sequence is limited to a […]

Formula one in the making

Formula one in the making: Car: Maximum width: 190mm Minimum weight = 1050 grams including personal transponder Minimum ride height = 4mm – Front independent king pin, coil spring suspension is allowed. Suspension pick up points must be mounted inside […]