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2013 FEMCA Buggy and 10th ISTC

Dear contacts

Please find the web address for the 2013 FEMCA Buggy and 10th ISTC event to be held In China / Beijing in August.

The two events will be run back to back, i.e. on the conclusion of the 1/8 IC Buggy the Electric ISTC event will follow.

Each country has an initial allocation of 15 Drivers for the Buggy and 10 for the ISTC.

But as we know many countries will not fill their allocation and in the past we have not had to decline any entry application due to over subscription.

Many of the unused allocation will go to the host country and, only if we see a problem will we address limiting applications.

Entries will be verified by the National bodies for legitimacy.

Both venues are walking distance from the main accommodation located within the Fengtai Stadium grounds giving you more free time and both venues are very capable of hosting 180 and 150 entrants’ respectively.

From the accommodation to the tracks is only 2 minutes giving you more free time outside of racing and negating the need for further private transport.

More information will appear on the site as they gear up as they have full time staff dedicated to ensuring a successful event.