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Important information about tires and fuel for WC in Bangkok

Dear contact

As you know tires and fuel  for IFMAR WC 1/10th IC track will be controlled in Thailand .

We will run a tire from Matrix, hardness front 40/42 and rear 40, due to very high traction

Fuel, you can make a choice between Maxima, Rapicon and Cosmo.

Fuel for the race itself is free, however for the practice you must buy.

Tire price is set at 14 USD per set (1 set is 2 x front and 2 x rear)

Together with the entry fee the tires for the race must be paid in advance.

With 6 qualifying rounds, 4 x timed practice and the first final, you must pay 154 USD in advance for 11 sets of tires.

Drivers that move up to a higher final pay extra for their next set of tires.

Tires for the practice can be paid on the track at 14 USD or 450 baht local currency.

We need to know how many tires each driver want for the practice, which can be put in the entryform.

If anything is not clear, please send me a message.


Please make sure I get you entryforms asap, I need to know very soon the number of drivers. This is due to the demand of the FEMCA bloc. Additional info for the fuel and tires you still have till August to inform me.

Met vriendelijke groeten / Regards Sander de Graaf

IFMAR IC Section Chairman