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FEMCA 1/8th Offroad Championship Malaysia 2016

Today finally finish….. feel relieve.
I had so many days of good weather. Today finals, heavy rain….. but we are ready….didnt even need the reserve day….
So many people to thank. Trevor Reid, Halim ( Time keeper ) My assistant CK lee, Sl wong, yc chong, reynalds chiam and parents, vennese, kelvin ngow, suah kim heng, my workers, sponsors and most importantly the drivers
I hope you all enjoy this multi surface track and the challenge…… i throw in……I apologise if i cant meet all the demands….
I have try my best effort….. fair to all drivers….. and do feedback me if you think i can do better in fuure FEMCA event.
Thank you again to all drivers….. you guys rocks.
Danny Teh
FEMCA 1/8th Offroad Championship Malaysia 2016