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Thanks for 2016

Dear All

We just wanted to say thank you to everybody who helped us and were part of the journey for FEMCA in 2016.

 In addition to coordinating entries for IFMAR events, FEMCA’s role is to seek out and work with event hosts willing to take up the challenge of hosting events for both FEMCA and IFMAR.

Without the co-operation of so many helpers from all over the region neither FEMCA nor IFMAR could exist.

Individually we are but one small part of a jig saw and we all need each other to complete the picture and to go forward.


Malaysia 8th Buggy

China ISTC & 12th

Brisbane 8th & 10th GP

Japan , Drift hosted at Yatabe by J.R.C.D.C (Japan Radio Controlled Drift Community)

Malaysia 8th GT

Thank you all for being part of FEMCA for 2016  and helping in so many ways.

Kind Regards

Trevor and Sandy Reid