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2WD,4WD:Race will follow 2012 IFMAR Rules

SC (Short Course Truck)  As follows :

  • Wheel base Minimum 320mm Maximum 340mm
  • Overall Length Minimum 540mm Maximum 570mm
  • Overall Width Minimum 290mm Maximum 300mm
  • Weight Minimum 2100gr
  • Vehicle Height Overall Minimum 200mm
  • Motor 17.5 turn brushless
  • 2 wheel rear drive with geared or ball differential only

Technical inspection note

We will check tire ID, batteries voltage & temperature before racing. Allowed values for voltage up to 8.4V and temperature up to +5C from outside temperature at tech inspection.

After the racing, cars shall receive a full check of car dimensions at tech inspection. After the racing, please return your car to the tech inspection storage area / rack, where it will be checked and stored during the next heat.

3-1 Driver ID

(1) Through the entire event, radio controller, car, transponder, and other item numbers will be the ID number assigned on the drivers list.

(2) ID pass will be given to each driver at registration. The pass must be worn at all times on the event site.

(3) Event ID sticker will be given at registration. The sticker must be attached on a controller so that it can be easily identified.

3-2 Controlled Tires

Tires are controlled in each Category.
We supply free 1 set of Tire that including entry fee, and participants can be purchase 1 more extra set of tire in each Category. So Drivers can be used tires up to 2 sets during event.
Unusable due to corruption are occurred, we will allow to Replacement with tire fee.

3-3 Batteries

We will rent Li-po battery for all participants, All participants can be used only this rental batteries, we will supply 2 batteries in each category, and we don’t allow to use own batteries.

3-4  Approved Frequencies

(1) All radio-controlling devices shall only use the frequencies permitted in this country.

(2) Use of 2.4GHz frequency band is permitted (Devices approved by the Japan Radio Control Safety Association only).
Frequency permitted in Japan (27 & 40 MHz) shall be used and each driver should have spare frequency (27 & 40 MHz module switch type is most adequate). (Cannot participate without band switching capability.)

(3) Any frequency trouble must be reported before the race starts (time measurement start) to the

Race Director. No claims after the time measurement start shall be accepted.

3-5 Timing

Time keeping is done by an AMBrc system.

In all races, automatic lap counting system by Mylaps shall be used for time keeping.

The driver shall disqualify the race if the time is not measured due to the following reasons:

(1) Transponder not installed.

(2) Transponder separation

(3) Transponder unplugged (Forgot to plug, disconnection, etc.)

(4) Other detection problems due to transponder malfunction.

3-6 Course Marshaling

(1) Drivers shall take turns for course marshaling(The drivers of the previous heat shall be the course marshals of the following heat. Substitutions are accepted.

(2) Any person not marshaling shall receive penalty.

3-7 Heats

(1) Practice runs and controlled practice heats will be arranged in a random manner by a computer application. The order of runs will be decided by a drawing or Janken by Bib #1 drivers from each heat.

Upon completion of controlled practices, the heats will be revised (basically in the ascending order by scores). (The drivers with lower scores will start earlier.) Any revision on heats will be done at the end of Day 1.

(2) For the first round of qualifying starting orders will be decided by car numbers. During further qualifying rounds, starting orders will be decided by the score achieved in the most recent round. When heats are rearranged, the starting order will be based on car numbers. During further qualifying rounds, the starting order will be determined by the score of the most recent round.

3-8 Races

All heats and finals will be 5 minutes on track. During qualifications a staggered start system shall be used.

○  Qualification shall use a point system determined by finishing places in all rounds.

○  Finals shall be position races using a grid start system.

During qualifying races, faster cars shall have priority, while during finals preceding cars shall have priority.

(1) Starts

a. During qualification, a “staggered start” shall be used in which drivers start according to the instruction by an official. Final-mains and Finals will use a “grid” start system in which drivers start by an audible signal from an assigned position.

b. When a car cannot start before the first car counts the 1st lap, the car cannot participate in that round.

(2) Qualification

In each round, drivers will score points based on laps and times. The points given to the best driver is 0 point, the second is 2 points, the third is 3 points and so on, scoring one point more for each driver down to the last position.  For the drivers who could not start (including drivers absent on the 1st day), the number of entries plus 5 points will be added.

a. Effective points

The effective points will be determined by the number of actual rounds (Best 2 rounds). The scores given in effective rounds will decide the qualifying positions.

b. Ties

In case of a tie, the points will be equally awarded to each driver, and the following drivers will be given points according to the number of tied drivers.

c. Same points

When two or more drivers have the same points, the driver with the lowest point will be the first, and the second and the third will be decided by the comparison of their effective points.  When effective points are the same, the number of laps and times during the round in which the lowest point was scored will be used to determine their positions.

(3) Finals

Based on the results of Qualification, groups of ten (10) will be made from the top ten (10) qualifiers. The groups, from the fastest group, will be assigned a Main in alphabetical order. The races will start from the bottom Main and two (2) drivers from each main will advance to the next.

(4) Others

a. During the race when Mylaps transponders shall be controlled under the responsibility of user competitors.

b. All events shall be conducted by the event organizers and their instructions must be observed and obeyed at any time.

c. During the event cars must undergo inspections at any time upon request from race directors.

(5) Penalty

During the event, any conducts judged inappropriate by the race referees shall be reported to the race director, and the race director shall issue either “warning” or “penalty” according to the report.  In this event, any competitor who received three (3) “warnings” shall disqualify. In addition, removal of car from the race or suspension from JMRCA official races may be ordered for serious violations and dangerous acts (including those during runs) .

<Event conduct>

a. For any conducts interfering with event management and progress, race director or race officials shall issue “warnings.” The acts include: delay in returning transmitters (30 seconds before starts), not marshaling, delay in taking appropriate marshaling position, assistant not releasing the vehicle immediately at start, wrong starting order, and delay starts.

b. Race referees may issue “warning” for any conducts deemed inappropriate for the spirit of this association.


Penalties shall be issued for any violations during races. The judgment shall be left at the discretion of the race referees. Penalties include “penalty area stop & go” and “pit through.” The type of penalty and the period of suspension shall be decided on the site and the details shall be announced in the drivers meetings.

Violations are as follows:

  • False start
  • Short cut
  • Bad driving (including driving wrong way)
  • Rescue by anybody other than course marshalls.
  • Repair by course marshalls.
  • Not observing warning by Race referees
  • Others

FEMCA-CUP | Basic Information | Entry Form・Payment | Location | Rules | Provisional Time Schedule | Track and accommodation | Hotel information | Recreation and sightseeing | Sponsorship Proposal | Announced details of batteries for lending | Controled tires