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General News

Dear Manufactures and Distributors

We are deeply grateful for your support of RC Racing.

We are hosting the EL OFF-ROAD FEMCA CUP in Japan in early April as you know. For this FEMCA CUP we have introduced some unique rules for tires and batteries, the purpose being to make fair competition and conditions for all participants.
Tires; Controlled tires must be used in each category, 2WD, 4WD and Short-Corse (SC)We wish to include in the entry fee one set (1) of tires in each category and all participants can purchase extra one more sets for each classes if they want.
Controlled batteries also must be used the same as tires, we are preparing rental batteries for all participants; this is for safety reasons as well as fair racing.

Some background information leading to this decision to run control batteries. There are some difficulties from an airline safety view when traveling with Lithium based batteries.

Our information is that according to some Airlines, they do not allow Lithium based batteries in their Freight. There are some Airlines that allow up to 2 batteries per passenger and others that strictly ban all RC batteries.

That means it is difficult for some to carry RC batteries for racing, so at this time we would like to try a new solution for international racing within electric categories.
Because of the above, we would like to recruit sponsors for Tires and Batteries for this event.

We can have up to 6 different sponsors for tires and batteries.

1 tire supplier for 2WD

1 tire supplier for 4WD

1 tire supplier for SC

1 Battery supplier for 2WD

1 Battery supplier for 4WD

1 Battery supplier for SC

Or just one tire supplier for all, or any mix and it would be the same for batteries.

That will all depend on how many make the offer.

Please can you contact the event organizer Mr. Masami Hirosaka for further details.

Yours Sincerely

Trevor Reid